"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trouble In The Trailerhood

This popped up at the end of my street about two weeks ago:
This crops up from time to time.     A few years ago they painted gang signs on my next-door neighbor's fence.       Had she caught the kid with the Krylon, she would have stomped his tail all over this street, and nobody would have said one word.

Please, if you want the signs to be threatening, you must have passable spelling skills.    If I can't decipher the word, or squiggle, I cannot feel properly intimidated.

If I read the boards correctly, and it's written rather bluntly, this group of wannabe's has crossed some sort of line somewhere.

The leader has been named and accused of "false claiming", and he's been told he has "tagged one too many things" and put his hands on too many women.
     Not sure what they mean by "put his hands on too many women".    He may fancy himself quite the lover and he has gone after someone's lady, or he has beaten or roughed women up.    
   If he beats women, what he gets is fine by me.    Maybe a beating will explain it in a way that a few days in jail stretched out on a bunk won't.

The writer of this promise states that he has been after the guy for months, and when he finally runs him to ground, anyone with him will pay as well.

The last time we had a gang problem in this neighborhood, they shot a man's trailer full of holes.

We had seen teen boys, all dressed in the same colors, walking together all day.

We heard gunshots all day too.    Sheriff's deputies would drive down one street, and we'd see kids turn and walk in another direction.  

Come dark-thirty, all Hell broke loose.    The call came over the scanner and we heard the Sheriff's Department when they flipped on the sirens clear across town.

This is the Get Gone Signal.....and people Got Gone.

T-Bird went out and was standing in the shadows by the barn, when a teenaged boy ran past him like The Devil was hot on his trail.     My husband could have reached out and grabbed him, but let him go on by.    It's hard to tell who has a gun and who doesn't in the dark.

He never saw T. and I'm thinkin' that's a good thing.

We watched the show for about thirty minutes.     Deputies runnin' and jumpin' fences, kids dodgin' and runnin' everywhere, blue lights flashin' in the background for effect.

Our garden, where T-Bird was standing when the boy flew by, had an awful lot of brass in it the next day.

Having met a few bikers, and by that I mean FOR REAL BIKERS, and learning a few things about gangs in general, making false claims and starting a gang without permission from the other local gangs is a big time no-no.

The group my husband was with was a group of Lone Wolf bikers.    They would have to ask permission from about 6 clubs in order to take the group to that level.

But the little wannabe's in the neighborhood have claimed ground that "belongs" to someone else, and you just don't do that.

Personally, I hope the warning from the other gang is sufficient and the peace, or rather, whatever is passing for "peace" in the trailerhood these days, holds.

I'll have to check and see if our insurance covers bullet holes............


  1. I'll have to check and see if our insurance covers bullet holes...

    Ours does, had a stray bullet accidentally fired from one of the neighbor's weapons hit the siding a few years ago. And no, don't really know who fired off the shot.

    1. Beach Bum: "don't really know who fired off the shot."

      And you never will. The day of steppin' up to right your wrongs is DONE. And, there is simply no telling where it came from, or why. They may have never known they hit your house.

  2. So far breaking into cars on occasion and playing Ding Dong Ditch is our biggest problems.

    Not looking forward to gang issues.

    1. Suthern: What is Ding Dong Ditch? I haven't heard that term before. We have people step out in front of cars to make 'em swerve off the road, and last winter a car tried to force me into a ditch. They came damned close.

      We have been warned to keep valuables out of vehicles and keep car doors locked, and a particularly brazen group has started daylight robberies of stores. One grandson was robbed inside of the Domino's he worked at. Some bastard stuck a pistol in my grandson's face.