"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


May 16, 2014??   Really?

Yep.   I double-checked, and that's the last time I posted here.   Almost three years have passed and to say that my life has undergone  a few changes is a massive understatement.

To update you as simply as is possible:

1.  Had 25 yr. job working for a dentist.
2.  Practice sold to The New Regime and me with it.
3.  Had an Oh-Hell-No moment.
4.  New job as a grill cook.
5.  Marriage of 25 years implodes.  

On Valentines Day 2016, no less.   There is a scene in Ghostbusters 2 where a talk show guest told the host, played by Bill Murray, that an alien told her that the End Of The World would occur on Valentines Day 2016.   I've seen that scene more times than I can count.   Had no idea it was my own personal prophecy.

I'm working with a new laptop and Youngest informs me that liquids are harmful to the keyboard.   I think she was making reference to my constant coffee drinking so I'm guessing that tears, snot, and liquor are likewise....bad.   That being said, there will be virtually no discussion of the sad, sorry, sick scenario that was the end of my marriage on this blog.
     I had some Hair Pullin', Teeth Gnashin', Weepin'-N-Wailin', Pissin'-N-Moanin', Oh-Lawdy-What-Am-I-A-Gonna-Do-Now?? material, too.   You may consider yourselves spared of The Drama, and you're welcome!

Anyhoo, after a three-day stay with my oldest daughter and her family, I moved into....(insert spooky music here)....The Coffin.

Calling this place The Coffin is not High Drama on my part; my son gave it that dreadful-sounding name when he lived here.    This place deserves the name and it's own post so more on that later.

My children have strongly suggested that I write again, thinking that it would be good therapy for Mama.   One even went so far as to suggest that I write about the things I deal with being single again..... at the tender age of Damned-Near-Sixty.    She thinks it might be helpful for other people dealing with the same things.

I don't think anyone can accuse me of being particularly "helpful".

Blame them.