"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bulls And Beethoven

To keep the voices in my head at bay, I employ an Inner-Cranial Avoidance Device.

An mp3 player and headphones.

This has become a dandy little must-have.    Fire it up, and put the aggravations on hold while I clean the office.    

When I have to drive to Hell Hill I have something to listen to that I actually like.     It's waaaay out in the country and I can blast it if I want to.    And I want to!

I was Blessed with an ability to enjoy any kind of music.    I always had music playing in the house from the time my children were newborns and they grew up with Pink Floyd,  Johnny Cash, Vivaldi, and everything in between.

They danced before they could walk.   They'd pull up to a standing position and stomp their feet and shake their Pamper-clad backsides.

Back when I had actual RECORDS and a record player with my stereo set-up, we had the awesome experience (sarc./OFF) of living on a bull farm.

Big red Limousine bulls.   Breeding stock.      Money bulls.   

We lived in an old farmhouse on top of a hill, and there was always a breeze blowing.    I'd open all of the windows, turn the stereo up, and do some serious housework.

Classical is GREAT for cleaning house, and I had Hooked On The Classics, cranked, with all the windows up.

I walked by one window and looked.............well DAMN!   

There were about eight or nine bulls in a sectioned-off piece of pasture that bordered my back yard, and every single one of them was staring at the house with those big red ears cocked toward the music.   

They were all bunched up in a close group and practically standing on each other.   

That's a loooooot of hamburger, Friend.

They'd stand there as long as the Classical played.

They ignored virtually every other kind of music I had.    I can understand their disdain for Country songs...."Get Along Little Dogies" and all that.

T-Bird says my mp3 player is proof of insanity.    I have Tom T. Hall and Kid Rock.    Koko Taylor and Aretha.    Skynyrd, Motley Crue, Dylan, and Jimmy Buffet.    The Rat Pack, and David Allen Coe.    Gospel, and Mountain Metal (Bluegrass).    Lots of Blues.

If the country music wasn't enough to keep my husband from borrowing it, I also have a song by Kermit The Frog.   

That's the one that may get me committed.    I promise not to throw feces if I can keep my mp3 player.


  1. I prefer country but I like anything with a great beat. I love singing old Motown.

    1. I became disenchanted with what I was hearing after Disco, and reverted to Bocephus. I'll still listen to Classic Rock, Blues, and Southern Rock, but these days I stick mostly to Country.

      I do love the old Motown stuff---simple music from a simpler time. If you don't sing along, somethings wrong!

  2. LOL!!!!

    I have a very mixed collection on my MP3 as well. I have software that lets me rip songs from you tube. Lately, I've gotten hooked on podcast shows. This American Life, a show that examines Star Trek episodes, and a couple of science shows as well.

    The problem I have while listen to anything on my players is that if anyone is home they are sure to find some urgent need to talk with me right then.

    1. I feel ya, Beach Bum. It's the same thing here. That's why I prefer to clean the office alone. I can listen to my music, or just the silence if I prefer. It's about the only ME Time I get.

      How sad is that?

  3. Not really trying to one up you sweetie, but I have a rare copy of The Carpenters singing... The Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Movie. Its on my MP3 player and my cell phone. Hell, it was once my ringtone. Top that one...! LOL!

    1. DANGIT! Well, for someone who wasn't trying, you did it! Mine is the version of The Rainbow Connection sung by THE FROG himself, in The Muppet Movie.