"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Singer And The Hummer

One particular male hummingbird (now known as Jellybean) has staked out the feeder.    He perches on the clothesline or in the trees next door and ambushes any hummingbird with the audacity to try it.

It was time to wash and fill the feeder, and while I was busy doing that, T-Bird was watching the male.    He looks ratty right now, I swear he's missing feathers, and he's easy to spot.   

I had made a wire hook of sorts to lower the feeder for easy handling and it was still hanging from the clothesline post.

Jellybean was hovering beside the wire hook, moving up and down looking at the hook, and then he landed on the clothesline close to the window.

And stared at T..

Then he flew back, studied the hook for a few seconds, and flew back to the clothesline.

And fixed another stare on T-Bird.

"Yo, Bud!  What up with the feeder?!?"

This continued until the feeder was washed and ready to go.    Back and forth, back and forth.    They figure it out fast.  

No Food = Stupid Human.

Jellybean put it in the wind when T-Bird walked out the door.    He walked the last few feet very slowly and stood just like he is in the pic, and drew up this pretty little female:
It's the closest he's ever gotten to a hummingbird, and holding the feeder while she fed made his day.

We keep it pretty simple these days.


  1. Awesome!

    Those little guys are remarkable creatures.

    1. Beach Bum: I think so too! We've had a lot of fun watchin' these!

  2. That is so beautiful!

    Watched my husband get dive-bombed by a couple dozen hummingbirds in Montana several years ago. :-)


    1. Pearl: Wonder why they zeroed in on him? I was sitting on the boss's back steps a couple of weeks ago and heard a hum right by my head. I turned and looked a hummingbird right in the face, not a foot away. I think it was the yellow shirt I was wearing.

  3. Thats pretty dang cool.

    We had one Hummingbird that would run all the others off.

    Thay are fun to watch.

    1. Thank you Suthern! They are very territorial (from what I read) and they do NOT know that they are NOT eagles! They are fierce little boogers!

      After watching what some of our "buddies" are into these days, we decided to watch the birds instead.

      They show more sense.

    2. I like Blossum, Suthern! Now, would that be for my husband, or the hummer? I've called T. a bloomin' idiot a time or two, so it could fit him too!