"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Monday, September 30, 2013

Loving Me Is Now Optional

If you read my last post you know that I am about to become un-hinged.

A whole week of my husband's health concerns without any clear answers has stretched my string.

I had to clean Daddy's place Saturday and actually looked forward to the ride out there, and marking Daddy off  of  The Chore List.
    I made sure that T-Bird had everything he needed, loaded my cleaning stuff in the truck and took off..........

I didn't make it halfway before my truck DIED.

I couldn't crank it, and try as I might I couldn't get it pushed off of the road.    Do men still stop for a Lady In Distress?    NO.    They DON'T.

I hated to do it, but I called T-Bird.

After checking it all out, we went for a fuel filter, and swung by the house for a chain, just in case.

The fuel filter was a good guess, but it was the wrong guess.    Time to break out the chain.

I steered the deceased while he pulled me back to the house, and that always makes me nervous.   All I have to do is collide with the back of  T.'s truck and the nightmare will be complete.

We made it---no thanks to ME---and he pronounced Ol' Yaller a lost cause.

"Take my truck to your Daddy's house and be careful."

I hadn't driven that thing in months, so I was out of practice with a standard shift.     I white-knuckled it all the way to Daddy's house.

I was almost finished when T-Bird called.

"You might need to come home.    I'm having another spell."

I asked if he had taken his medication for that.

"After the last bad reaction, I don't want to take it without you here."

I understand that.    He's had TWO bad reactions to meds in the past and both of those were REALLY bad.   He had never taken this particular drug, and was a little leary of it. 

I said goodbye to Daddy, threw my stuff in the truck, and violated a good many driving laws in an effort to get home.

I AM HALFWAY HOME when the phone rings.

"You don't need to get in no big hurry.    I feel better now, and I think I'll be alright."

He's wrong about that.   He will not be "alright", 'cause I'm gonna kill him when I walk through the door.    For scaring me to death for nothing.

Bless his heart, he had been cleaning house and washing clothes to help me out when he had his "spell".    He had even folded the laundry!

I let him live.   He took the pill, and he was much better after it took effect.

I have no real recollection of Sunday, other than checking on the boss's dog.    Just too damned tired to keep up with it all.

I dropped Hubs off at his office this morning, checked on the dog again, and went to the dentist office to clean that.

I grabbed the back of a chair to move it and managed to pinch the side of one finger so badly that I now have a blood blister sitting in the middle of a badly bruised finger.

In that last post I wrote "if you ever loved me".

Never mind.     You don't want to get that close to me right now.    It may rub off on you.   

You'll need pills and a chain if it does.


  1. Sounds like it has been rolling downhill lately. A lot of it.

    I feel for ya. Hope things get much better soon.

    1. Awwww, thank you, Suthern! You have to have some bad times to appreciate the good ones! It's just Life............

      We have no idea what's wrong, and cannot be positive because we still haven't gotten ONE result back. BUT, he bought a glucose meter, kept up with his "sugar" levels, and has felt much, much better. Most of the symptoms have disappeared, so maybe ................ We'll see what Doc says when he goes for the test results.

  2. Dear Heart... you asked recently why you haven't heard much from me lately... well... now you know first hand. To Hell with the "If you ever...:" and "VIVA LA FLOCK KOFF!!!" Hey... wait a minute ... try saying that out loud... it feels.... not so sucky!!! Love ya!

    1. Dear Patrick, I would gladly share my sandbar or cotton field with ya! Gators, toxic chemicals and all if you were good with it! I hate that YOU know what I'm talkin' about!

      T-Bird said a little while back: "It would be a good thing if a woman would tell her husband what she really thinks!"
      I asked, "Just how many times can I say 'Eff' you?????"

      The conversation kinda went South after that..............

  3. He had even folded the laundry!

    I freely admit I have never been the sharpest knife in any drawer but I did eventually learn my wife stayed in a far better mood if I promptly folded the clothes as soon as they came out of the dryer. For more years than I want to admit I would often fill the laundry basket and go for hours, if not a day, before folding even a wash cloth.

    1. Beach Bum: He'll pitch in from time to time, and I do appreciate that! I KNOW he felt awful, and he didn't have to do a thing, just get better.
      And I. Hate. Folding. Laundry. I'm with ya there!