"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nightmares And The Upshot

Little Miss Muffet
Got off of her tuffet
And went to the barn
For a chart.

What she found there
Gave her quite a scare
And dang near
Stopped her heart.

One of my co-workers says she has nightmares involving snakes after finding a shed skin in the barn.

The snake came out of his skin so I let the cat out of the bag, and informed her that there was ALWAYS a snake or two in the barn.

Of course, the upshot is that now, if ANYONE needs anything out of the barn, either me or the boss will have to go in The Scary Place for charts and supplies.   

To prove the point they left three large boxes of supplies in the middle of the floor for me to lug out.........by myself.

I removed The Horror Of Horrors when I hauled the boxes to the barn.    I am posting a picture of this Nightmare-Inducing Fright below.

Try not to scream..................

I looked around for the rest but could not find it, and yeppers, it was a good-sized snake judging from what I found.

My co-worker recently married a big Doo-Dah in our county and spends a lot of her evenings with our county commissioners.

If I was truly afraid of snakes, I'd steer clear of that bunch.    They've been giving the rest of us nightmares for years.


  1. Thats mighty scary.
    Funny how folks git all skeered around snakes. They dont bother me a lick. I played with them as a kid. My youngest girl picked up a gartersnake on the playground at school and put it in the woods. Made me proud.

    Something not quite as scary, the wife found the cat killing a green snake on the Den floor yesterday. So I got marching orders to fix the gap under the door.

    AS for the Big Doo Dahs, that bunch is scary.

    1. Suthern: Snakes don't bother me either. If I can be positive it's not poisonous I'll let it hang around. I played with them too! Especially the little ringnecks.

      Your little girl did the right thing for the garter snake so tell her I said GOOD JOB!

      I wish I had a dollar for every snake I have found in houses over the years. The worst was a copperhead I found in my pantry one night. THAT one scared me BAAD, and I have a couple of questions about HOW it got there.

      Our local Powers That Be are acting like a pack of doofuses right now. Stupid people with power is always bad for the rest of us. Mainly because they DON'T THINK ABOUT the rest of us.

  2. I read your profile. I love the movie "Love Actually" as well. I think the Colin Firth story line is my favorite, but it's hard to choose...

    1. Sioux: That story line may have been my favorite as well! I think that movie was UNDER-appreciated, but I've adored it since my boss's husband got me hooked on it. He's also responsible for my "When Harry Met Sally" problem.

  3. You know that scream the kid from Home Alone makes when he splashes his face with after shave? Ummm... yeah... me.... times two... and by the way... its sad to watch an old guy try to run...!

    1. Considering what YOU encountered, My Dear Friend, you had every right to scream and run! What she found was an "empty"----what YOU found was FULL of pissed off moccassin!

      If you ever see me runnin' you'd better be pickin' 'em up and puttin' 'em down because something BAAAAD is behind me. I don't put these bad joints thru all that for nothin'!

    2. GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU BY THE WAY!!! I was wondering if you were still on this astral plane......................

    3. Still kicking, just maintaining a low profile. LOL! Nah, just very mundane and routine these days, so not that much to talk about. I tried the blogging thing, but it seems my humor is more fitted to spur of the moment. I can't force myself to do "on-demand".

      Mama always said "If your words can't add to the conversation then just shut up and shut up, smile and look good."... so here I quietly sit looking gorgeous as ever.

    4. oops... I kinda double shut up. Guess I really do need to be quiet. LMAO!