"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Friday, September 13, 2013

When Your Drums Are Hocked.........

T-Bird's band is coming along.

With one teeny-weenie hiccup.

No drummer.

He has two guitar players, one bass player, and his best-est bud on keyboards.    Three of them do vocals.

But..........no drummer.  

Okay, technically, he DOES have a drummer, but the drummer has no drums to drum.   But he should have them out of the pawn shop soon or so I've been led to believe.

It's an old story often repeated.    Drummers are a dime a dozen around here, but they usually don't possess a kit due to one personal disaster or another.

In the meantime, we may have found a substitute:


  1. Maybe hock the drummer to get the drums out. Sounds like there are plenty of drummers around.

    1. This drummer is a keeper because he can keep a steady beat, shows up on time for practice, stays sober, and doesn't chase teenaged girls. All pluses.

      He got the shaft in the last band after working his butt off, so T. wants to give him a break.

  2. that traktor keeps pretty good time! LOL