"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Thursday, January 2, 2014

There Went The Neighborhood

Well, The Big Party is over.      

The record for continual gunfire is still 22 minutes.   People just don't seem to be wasting ammo these days. 
 There was still quite a bit of gunfire and some of that was impressive.

We cannot sit in the yard on N.Y.E. because what goes up......will most assuredly COME DOWN.     My niece had a very close call three or four years ago.    She had been sitting on the hood of her car with friends in downtown Tifton.     She got off the hood and walked around for a minute.    Then she took a seat back on the hood about a foot from where she had been sitting before.


They found a .22 bullet stuck between the hood and the body of the car in the groove.    Right where she had been before.       It missed her and her friends by a scant few inches.

It's why we don't shoot anything up in the air.     You could kill someone blocks away and never know it.     We don't fire a round into the ground for fear of a ricocheting bullet.     Most people just don't think.

The fireworks show was somewhat funny.      They shot up three or four nice ones, and waited for a couple of minutes.
     The next time, they shot up a few, and waited.     I had the scanner on and knew why........

In the glow of Christmas lights turned on for The New Years' Eve Festivities, I could make out the lights on top of the squad car.     He turned at the corner and hauled ass down the street to the other side of The Hood.


Then silence.

Here comes the deputy back.     More silence.     He turns back down my street and he's off again.

He made it three blocks and the sky lit UP.    He circles around for another pass but it's as quiet as Church.   

They gave him five minutes to clear The Hood and set off The Grand Finale and I must say, The Powers That Be in this town could take lessons from my neighbor, whoever he is.      They need him for the next Fourth Of July throwdown.

Now, a while back I did a post about explosions that had been occuring here and there.      What New Years' Eve lacked in gunfire, it made up for in explosions.    Several of them were close to my house, and the sound would roll, almost like thunder rolls.     My boss had the same thing happening close to her neighborhood across town.


Ya know, on second thought.........my husband has just come into possession of an electronic drum kit.   I have a guitar player who is gonna be learning how to play drums.     We will now become The Scourge Of The Neighborhood, and I get to listen to a beginner on a drum kit, up close and personal.

Save me an I.E.D..


  1. Reminds me of the sign: "Due to the high cost of Ammo, There will be no warning shot".

    1. I have given a warning yell in the past. The crazier you sound, the better off you are!