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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hell Hill Hummer

I sat on Mama's porch for hours waiting to catch a decent shot of a hummingbird.

It's a proper sittin' porch complete with roof, rails, and rockers.    If I could've added reefer it would have been perfect.   Of course I couldn't; it would have been roof, rails, rockers, reefer, and rantin' and railin' from Mama.   So I refrained.

With two feeders hung on opposite sides of the porch, several hummingbirds were zippin' across the porch.     One would stake a claim, and sit in one of the trees close to the chosen feeder.    If another hummer got close, it was attacked immediately.     Fierce little boogers. 

It wasn't safe to cross from the steps to the front door with hummers dueling for exclusive rights to a feeder.

Should be easy enough.   Just sit in a rocker, aim, and *CLICK*........right?


After several close-but-no-banana shots, I caught this one:

My ex was sitting on his porch when a hummingbird appeared right in front of his face.    The bird was hovering about a foot from his nose.    It startled him for a moment and the bird flew off.

A couple of minutes later, it came back.    They were eyeball-to-eyeball again for several seconds.

Since this is odd behavior for a hummingbird, he checked the feeder.


The actions described above are hummin'bird for:   "FILL THE FEEDER, YOU STUPID HUMAN".

Stupid Human refilled the feeder and all was well again.

Two days ago T-Bird spotted a hummingbird hovering over a discarded tomato in the backyard.

I hung up a feeder that day.

Haven't seen a hummingbird since.

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