"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Sunday, July 14, 2013


If you know me and T-Bird you know that Saturday Night is Scanner And Snuggle Night.      We had been under assault for two days hand-runnin' (kids and grands, all with colds), and we had run out of gas.        More scanner than snuggle.

The following is courtesy of the Sheriff's Department and our 911:

Deputy: "911, do we know anyone out this way who might be missing a donkey?"

911: "Stand by; let me make a couple of calls for ya."

About three minutes later 911 radios the deputy:

911: "About how far away from the donkey are you?"

Deputy: "About a hundred yards."

911: "Okay, call 'Applejack' and see what happens."

Slight pause.

Deputy: "You wouldn't be funnin' with me, would you?"

911: "Nope. Call 'Applejack' and see if he responds.       I mean, I hope he doesn't 'respond', ( at this point, 911 is snickering--it's coming over the scanner) but see if he makes any move or pricks his ears toward you."

Silence again.

Deputy: "I don't know who looks more confused here.      The donkey who is standing in the yard, or the Deputy standing out here in the dark yelling 'Applejack'."

Silence again; I guess Dispatch is rolling on the floor.

Deputy: "Hey! This might be Applejack, he's coming towards the car!        I hope he comes peaceful, my cuffs won't fit."

Dispatch comes back with instructions from the owner of Applejack:

911: "Next time, just go to the gate down the road, and open it.      Blow the horn a couple of times, and everybody will go back home."

I love this place!

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  1. LOL!!!

    Got to love it when 911 is that helpful. Knew of a cow that liked to break loose from its pen, it liked some sort of vegetation outside its reach. After a while the cow's owner transplanted some of the stuff it liked and the cow was happy after that.

    Got you on my blogroll.