"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."---Mark Twain

Friday, May 16, 2014

Session? WHAT "SESSION"?

I have never been so aggravated in my entire LIFE.

Computers may not kill me, but they have just about driven me INSANE.     I was pretty darned close to THAT anyway, and this 8.1....program thingy....could be the tipping point.

Hubs bought me a new computer and it has been a pure nightmare ever since, culminating in a fight between me and the aforementioned husband that I'm pretty sure half of the trailerhood heard. 

Yep, white folks be crazy.

Somehow or another, I managed to scramble up and/or lose every single e-mail addy and password that I.     Ever.     Had. 

I had to call one of my brood to give me my e-mail address, and I had to take a few guesses to get the password right.

Having FINALLY broken into my e-mail, I wrote the info down the old-fashioned way.      ON PAPER.

The next time I tried to check my e-mail, the damned thing said my "session has expired Log in again".       This results in it telling me that my info is incorrect.     I type it all back in to be told yet again that my session has expired.     SESSION?     WHAT SESSION????     I NEVER HAD A FLIPPIN' "SESSION" BEFORE!

*Sorry..........taking deep, calming breaths...in...out....in....out*

T-Bird fixed me up another e-mail account.     Yippee.    Doesn't help me with the other e-mail.     The e-mail that is going to fill up with Facebook notifications to the point that it shuts down HIS e-mail account.
     When THAT happens, HIS e-mail will be shut down until MY e-mail is cleaned out.

If I cannot get in it I cannot clean it out, and this fight will move into Round 2.

I called one of my kids for help.     Fearing for my sanity, and afraid I'll have to move in with HER if me and the old man tie up one more time, she broke into my original e-mail, cleaned it out, and then broke into Facebook, and changed the addy to my new e-mail.     Now all the Facebook stuff goes to the address that has nothing to do with T-Bird's e-mail.     Catastrophe averted.     I'll get Youngest to break into the old e-mail again, and shut it down.

T-Bird insisted that I have a folder in My Documents with all of my addresses and passwords in it.    I pointed out that if I had been doing that all along, that info would be on the old hard drive.     I did it anyway to shut him up.

Considering my previous record with these things I'm going to commit them to paper and glue it to the wall next to the computer.    It's gonna be hard to lose the wall, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow.


  1. LOL, We bought my dad a new Laptop for Christmas with Whiners 8 on it only to discover that none of his printers would connect to it. I hate working on it. Good luck with all your passwords and emails.

  2. Thanks Suthern! I'll need all the luck I can get. I've cruised FB a time or two, and managed to check the new e-mail without having to call a kid. We may have discovered the problem with the original e-mail but I have to call my SuperTech (my son) to come over to unravel it. I am trying everything to keep from having to call the company's tech support. They changed a computer program at the office where I work, and when the receptionist called tech support she was on hold for an hour and a half. Her and tech support went round and round on the phone and the receptionist hung up on the tech. One phone call to the boss's son and thirty minutes later, we were back in business.

  3. i got passwords everywhere and half the time I can't remember shiz anymore! :) LOL